Development & Acquisition Services

At G&G Hospitality Group, we have navigated a broad spectrum of segments and markets in the hospitality industry, which allows us to tailor our professional services to meet your needs.

Whether you would like to acquire an asset or improve an asset you currently own, or you require a receiver with decades of experience, G&G Hospitality Group has the leadership and experience needed to help you succeed.

Development & Acquisition Services Development & Acquisition Services

Development & Acquisition Services

If you are considering the acquisition of a single hotel property or a large portfolio, G&G Hospitality Group uses its financial knowledge, partnerships and past experience to complete the transaction. We offer:

  • All aspects of construction management
  • Market analysis
  • Brand selection
  • Government/planning liaison
  • Proforma consultation
  • Volume purchasing power
  • Architecture/design/construction
  • Site selection
  • Zoning
  • Design
  • Assist in securing financing
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